We’ve mapped the market.

The competition for talent is fierce right now, especially among the world’s hottest fintech start-ups and payments companies. With equity and stock options on offer, plus the experience that goes with bringing the next big product to the market, today’s candidates have options. This, together with a finite talent pool, makes attracting the best candidates more difficult than ever.

That’s why, when approaching a candidate on a client’s behalf, we make sure the offer is compelling. We look to promote all the motivating factors that will attract a candidate to your business. While this includes remuneration, other factors such as culture, leadership, innovation, leading and influencing teams and job autonomy can be equally (or more) important.

Before we approach the market with your key role, we want to know: Why would the best candidate want to work for you? A sound understanding of this will ensure you attract the best people.

Specialist Search & Talent Mapping

Talent mapping and specialist search is a technique designed to give an employer a detailed overview of a talent pools’ skills, abilities and potential. It provides a better view of the talent available by offering a two-way look at the recruitment process.

First, we take a brief from the client and use our extensive network to identify the best, and most relevant, candidates for the role. Then, we chat with each candidate to evaluate their interest in the role and their desire to join your company.

Doing this provides a reflective view of the way the market sees your organisation. We find out what the best candidates think of your organisation and your ability to attract them to your company. Though not always positive, the research allows an organisation to measure how they are perceived in the market and identify proficiencies required for the future.

This is a useful service when there is difficulty attracting the desired candidate.

Our Network

As a niche operating within a niche, we have developed an extensive network of candidates specific to the sales and leadership positions for which we recruit.

They are sourced from sub-industry sectors, all within the broader payments, cards and fintech industry. They include:

  • Payment Service Providers
  • Payment Gateways & eCommerce
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Payments Technology Vendors
  • ATM & Card Manufacturers
  • Domestic & International Card Networks
  • Technology & Security Platforms
  • FX & Cross Boarder Payments
  • Merchants & Prepaid Cards

Hiring Process

To make the hiring process as effective as possible, we require:

  • Role approval & sign-off
  • An up-to-date job description
  • Key selection criteria agreed between PaySearch & the employer
  • Budgeted salary guide (base + super + commission/bonus)
  • Revenue targets for the role and how bonus/commission will be awarded
  • Commitment for us to work exclusively for a set period
  • Two to three weeks diary time for you and colleagues who are involved in interviewing
  • Feedback for both successful and non-successful candidates

This information allows us to work faster, give the candidates a better experience throughout the process and ultimately results in a better hire.